Foot and Lower Leg Care for Aged
Care Residents

Aged Care Podiatry

Uncomfortable or painful feet don’t have to be a part of growing old.

At Healthcare 2 You, our aged care podiatrist team is committed to improving the quality of life for residents by keeping them mobile, active and ‘on their feet’.

Our foot care professionals are trained to diagnose, prevent, treat and rehabilitate problems with the lower limbs and feet. With our help, many issues can be successfully treated to reduce discomfort.

Full Range of Services

Our podiatry service includes:

  • Comprehensive initial podiatry assessments
  • Development of individual care plans
  • Complete treatment reports
  • Full progress notes
  • Nail care, infection control and wound management
  • Diabetes-related foot screening and management
  • Advice to resolve acute problems and foot pain
  • Podiatric device recommendations (such as aids to assist mobility)
  • Plan implementation support

Bulk Billing

Eligible residents referred to us will be bulk billed to Medicare under the CDM program. Residents are eligible for up to 5 government-funded services annually. Healthcare 2 You administers this process to significantly minimize the workload for facility staff.

DVA Registered

Entitled residents are fully covered by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Competitive Price Structure

For additional visits, we have a highly competitive and flexible pricing structure.


NO legally binding contracts and NO cancellation fees – only Service Agreements to meet your accreditation needs.

Documentation & Compliancy

All relevant documentation provided including Police Compliance checks and Certificates of Currency.

Single-use, re-useable podiatry instruments, packed in self-sealing sterilisation packs – complying with standards of The Australian Podiatry Council.

Continuity of Care

The same Podiatrist is provided with the aim of becoming an integral part of your team.

Detailed documentation, communication and handover systems are in place to ensure continuity of care should another Podiatry needs to step in.

Care plans are regularly reviewed, implemented and evaluated in accordance with policy guidelines. Treatment reports and comprehensive progress notes are documented.

Family Communication

Advanced communication of upcoming sessions supported by flyers for your community noticeboards to advise residents, relatives and staff of our pending visit.

Professional & Accountable

We aim to become part of your facility team – providing a seamless interaction between residents and staff.

Costumer Care

Our service team is on call to help with inquiries. Dedicated Podiatry Support staff ensure smooth running with ‘Customer Care’ phone support.

Meet Accreditation Requirements

The delivery of our on-site Podiatry service helps in satisfying components of the accreditation requirements relevant to:

  • Standard 2.4 – Clinical care
  • Standard 2.8 – Pain management
  • Standard 2.11 – Skin care
  • Standard 2.14 – Mobility, dexterity and rehabilitation
  • Standard 4.3 – Education and staff development

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Experience Compassionate Care

Improving the quality of life for aged care residents is our number one priority.
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