Mobility Matters

Aged Care Physiotherapy

Healthcare 2 You is a provider built on an ethical and best-practice approach that aims to improve residents quality of life. In partnership with your facilities, we strive to achieve the desired mobility and pain management goals through our individualised resident-centred approach.

All therapists are specialists in Aged Care, with a desire and passion to meet your facility and loved ones needs. This is achieved through the administration of complex pain management in conjunction with an evidence based focus on mobility, falls prevention and rehabilitation.

Our approach supports your facility through accreditation and promotes your ACFI funding through reliable and tested documentation procedures and processes.

Full Range of Services

For residents we provide:

  • Comprehensive initial assessments and subsequent recommendations
  • Individualised care plan development
  • Individual aged care physio programs
  • Regular care plan evaluations & incident analysis
  • Regular reviews
  • Group exercise programs
  • Falls prevention strategies, training and management
  • ‘Customer Care’ phone support
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Private aged care physiotherapy consultations

For facility team & management, our aged care physio programs provide:

  • Manual handling training
  • OH&S program development & maintenance
  • Falls evaluation & management systems
  • Corporate Health Wellness Programs

Facility Staff Training

Our competitively priced aged care physio programs provide:

  • OH&S program development and maintenance
  • Falls evaluation and management systems
  • Corporate health wellness programs

Pain Therapy Program

Our Pain Therapy Clinic provides residents with the best possible care and the latest evidence-based pain therapy solutions.

Funding Assistance

By utilising funding available from ACFI, we may be able to reduce the cost of care to your facility and for residents.

DVA Registered

Entitled residents are fully covered by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Family Communication

Prior to any scheduled visits, Healthcare 2 You distributes coloured flyers for facility notice boards. Letters to family members/loved ones are available.

Continuity of Care

Your facility will host visits from the same Physiotherapist on an ongoing basis. If your regular Physiotherapist is unable to attend, our comprehensive documentation, communication and handover systems ensure residents receive consistent care.

Manual Handling Training

Healthcare 2 You also offers manual handling, which aims to educate staff and carers on the importance of safe Manual Handling practices, reducing injuries to residents and staff across our aged care physiotherapy programs.

Training covers:

  • Manual Handling definitions and hazardous characteristics
  • Manual Handling injuries and causes
  • Back care and injury prevention
  • Minimal-lift policy
  • Safe lifting principles
  • Safe resident/client transfers
  • Facility specific equipment (e.g. Lifting hoists, ceiling hoists, standing hoists, slide sheets)
  • Non-clinical manual handling hazards
  • Risk assessment and management principles
  • Employer/Employee responsibilities under the current OH&S legislation
  • Our Manual Handling Training program also includes specific competency assessments for clinical staff.

This program has the added benefit of helping Residential Aged Care Facilities comply with accreditation standards.

Meet Accreditation Requirements

We understand accreditation is a stressful time for facilities. Consistent documentation and a resident-centred, clinical approach is the key to a smooth accreditation process. Healthcare 2 You successfully supports our facilities through accreditation. Our proven record is built on regular process and procedure reviews in a variable and changing environment.

The delivery of our on-site Physiotherapy service helps in satisfying components of the Aged Care Quality Standards introduced in July 2019:

  • Standard 1 – Consumer dignity and choice
  • Standard 2 – Ongoing assessment and planning with consumers
  • Standard 3 – Personal care and clinical care
  • Standard 4 – Services and supports for daily living
  • Standard 6 – Feedback and complaints
  • Standard 7 – Human resources

We also help maximise your facility’s ACFI funding in the areas of Mobility and Complex Health Care. Furthermore, our documentation systems provide ACFI appraisal evidence and comply with accreditation audits.

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Experience Compassionate Care

Improving the quality of life for aged care residents is our number one priority.
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