Frequently Asked Questions

Optometry FAQs

It is important to recognise that the older we get, the more susceptible we are to ocular diseases. A routine eye examination can prevent a multitude of issues and complications in the long run. Furthermore, by maximising visual performance, residents will stay active for longer and the risk of falls is reduced.

We provide flyers to facilities to be posted on the various notice boards around the facility. This process ensures that you are aware of the upcoming visits.

Advanced communication of upcoming sessions supported by flyers for your community noticeboards to advise residents, relatives and staff of our pending visit.

Twelve month patient review notification system – so facility management doesn’t need to keep track. Healthcare 2 You takes care of this.

We recommend where possible, that you are present at the time of the visit. We encourage you to sit in on the examination as this allow you to witness the clinical skills of our professional staff.

Firstly, the facility’s clinical staff are provided with a detailed report following the examination to ensure that the care staff are aware of any clinical issues that might impact on the manner in which care is delivered. In the event that an optical aide has been recommended, one of our team will contact the NOK to advise them of the clinical findings and to seek guidance in terms of whether the aide will be delivered.

A visiting Optical Dispenser will make contact with residents’ families when necessary to involve them in the care plan and keep them up-to-date. These interactions are undertaken by our staff to reduce additional demands placed on facility management. Feedback Forms are electronically sent to facility management and progress notes are documented for each patient for all interactions.

All relevant documentation provided including Police Compliance checks and Certificates of Currency.

For eye examinations, no cost is incurred as all consultations are bulk billed to Medicare or the Department of Veterans Affairs where appropriate.

NO legally binding contracts and NO cancellation fees – only Service Agreements to meet your accreditation needs. In this way, the pressure is on the Eyecare team to continue to deliver a superior service.

The term reading glasses creates a misconception that they are only for reading. In fact, in the same way distance glasses are to be used to improve distance vision, reading glasses should be called NEAR glasses as they improve near vision. Even if people don’t read, they eat meals (near vision) they participate in crafts (near vision) and other activities where the target if their attention is roughly 45cm in front of them.

Back in 2000 when Eyecare 2 You was born, we took the standard Optometry consulting room, redesigned it and ensured that equipment previously not thought to be portable became portable. This has ensured that we are able to deliver the same comprehensive Eye examination onsite that you would find in the local Optometrist.

Our Optometrists all have significant experience in the field of dealing with people who might have dementia. Our examination techniques have been refined to ensure that we are able to provide all patients, irrespective of their cognitive capacity, a comprehensive examination.

One of the benefits of having a large team is that we have diverse range of ethnicities. We are able to roster on a specific Optometrists whose mother tongue might be something other than English. We have Italian, Greek, German, Russian, Polish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese and Afrikaans speaking professionals on our team.

Should a recommendation be made by a visiting Optometrist for new spectacles, Healthcare 2 You will always consult the NOK/POA for authority before any order is processed. If an order is approved, the electronic system can only place the order while simultaneously sending a confirmation email to the NOK/POA so that all parties are aware of the placed order.

Healthcare 2 You personally hand deliver the spectacles to residents which are fitted by a dispensing team member. All spectacles are personalised with the resident’s name engraved to help minimise loss.

At this time, the dispenser documents on his/her electronic devise that the delivery is complete whilst simultaneously an email confirming delivery is sent to the power of attorney or Next of Kin contact.

Healthcare 2 You has a fleet of cars on the road each day to attend to various customer service requests. All After Care servicing is included – no charge for on-site adjustments or repairs.

Healthcare 2 You stands by its quality and service. Three months warranty is offered on all prescription lenses and 12 months warranty against manufacturer faults on frames.