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Healthcare 2 You offers professional and compassionate health services to aged care residents

Coronavirus Awareness

In light of the recent Coronavirus outbreak, please be reassured that the priority of Healthcare 2 You is the health, wellbeing and safety of our clients, particularly residents at aged care facilities, carers and employees working in various aged care homes and retirement villages in the community.

Essential Support for Seniors

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Established in 2000, Healthcare 2 You is Australia’s largest provider of healthcare services to aged care residents.

When we visit your loved one or the residents under your care, it is our goal to provide attentive support with a view to improving health and enhancing overall wellbeing.

The team at Healthcare 2 You are experienced, professional and compassionate. You’ll notice we go the extra mile to provide the dedicated, personal care which results in better quality of life for aged care residents.

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Families and Carers

Making a difference in the lives of your loved ones

Healthcare 2 You provides the essential services which will allow ‘golden oldies’ to improve their mobility, vision, comfort and wellbeing.

Our dedicated team are caring by nature. We make communication a priority so you are across your family member’s appointment schedule and the treatment they are receiving.

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Aged Care Managers

Work with a company that gets it

We understand Aged Care and your already heavy workload.

You’ll find our services accommodating, reliable and thorough, making it easier for you to get on with other important tasks requiring your attention.

The skilled team at Healthcare 2 You has years of industry experience and plays a proactive role in supporting the wellbeing of senior Australians.



Eye Care

The impact of many eye conditions which occur later in life can be minimised by the qualified team at Healthcare 2 You.

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Our foot care professionals are trained to diagnose, treat and reduce discomfort in lower limbs and feet.

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Elderly residents benefit from tailored physiotherapy designed to improve their physical independence.

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Aged care Dietitians provide a range of services and advice to manage the specific nutritional requirements of seniors.

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