Meet The Team

Aged Healthcare Team Australia


Managing Director

As the founder and joint Managing Director of Healthcare 2 You, I lead the company in delivering thousands of consultations in Aged Care Facilities around Australia. With vast experience in the Aged Care industry over the last two decades, not only do I know the business of Aged Care well, I know how to approach Aged Care with the utmost respect and empathy it deserves. Caring deeply about our patients and their carers, I am passionate about providing the best quality of life we can possibly deliver.

Aged Healthcare Team Australia


Managing Director

As joint Managing Director of Healthcare 2 You, I’m a passionate healthcare advocate and have used my considerable experience in both the private and geriatric sectors in building the Healthcare 2 You Group. Combining my passion for innovation and human resources, I strive to keep Healthcare 2 You at the forefront of residential allied healthcare in Australia. Furthermore, I enjoy using my clinical industry experience to maximise patients’ quality of life.


General Manager

Working with the company since its inception in 2000, I lead the operational team in delivering exceptional customer service. The outcome is a feeling of pride knowing the impact our company has on our ‘Golden Oldies’. Providing a highlight to their day, helping support their loved ones with the demands of aging parents and making the lives of aged care staff a little easier, it gives me great pleasure in delivering quality of life, together.


Finance Manager

As the Financial Controller at the Healthcare 2 You group, I manage a dedicated team, providing assistance that goes beyond the expectations of the considerable amount of staff, professionals and clients of the businesses. It is about having fun, exploring new horizons and making the best of the challenges and opportunities that come my way. 


Eyecare Manager

After commencing a career in retail optics and then spending more than a decade working in the Aged Care Sector, I feel privileged to lead our Eye Care team in providing the care and support our elderly deserve. Quality eye examinations, exceptional customer service and unsurpassed aftercare are paramount. With ethical practises, compassion and empathy, I know first-hand the superior care we deliver to residents, their families and the age care facilities in which we are privileged to work.

Li Ying

Physiotherapy Manager

Working in aged care has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my last ten years of practising Physiotherapy. Listening to the stories and advice of the elderly have developed my passion and devotion in improving the quality and wellbeing of the seniors in our community. Our team of physiotherapists share the same dedication to provide the best care to residents while supporting facilities as best as we can.


Lab Manager

Having worked in the Optical industry for most of my working life, I have found my ‘dream job’ combining my optics knowledge and experience while helping the elderly. My background in optometry (qualified Philippine’s optometrist) together with my eye for detail, ensures that spectacles are of high quality and delivered to customers in a timely fashion. A passion for delivering superior customer service, motivates me to exceed customer expectations.


Podiatry Coordinator

Leading our dedicated team of Podiatrists for a number of years, I have streamlined processes ensuring that aged care staff are excellently supported. In helping to ease the workload for facility staff, while delivering a caring and compassionate service, our team take care of managing all aspects of the podiatry service.


Customer Service

To be a part of a company like Healthcare 2 You, which allows me to utilise my customer service skills and my knowledge in optics to help those who need it most, is an absolute pleasure and a privilege. I see my role of Customer Service Manager at Healthcare 2 You as one of compassion and integrity, and will go to lengths to ensure that you and those you love are looked after at every turn. With a background in customer relations and several years of optical experience, trust me to take care of the eye care needs of your Loved Ones and also to provide support every single day to family and facility staff delivering care.


Accounts & Procurement

Having previously been part of the Hospitality Industry and now working as an Accounts and Procurement Team Member, I feel that I not only work for a company that provides Healthcare Services but one that is passionate about its members and elderly care. This has sparked great joy for me in ensuring that all accounts are well organised for the facility, our customers and their Loved Ones. My admiration for our professional team delivering elderly care to the highest of standards, has opened my eyes to wondrous opportunities and growth in providing heartfelt quality service at any time and place.


Senior Dietitian

As a Dietitian with several years of experience in the Aged Care sector, I am committed to ensuring that the highest level of nutritional care is provided to your loved ones and to your residents. We are proud of the dedicated team of Dietitians who represent Healthcare 2 You. Our team is committed to providing a highly customised, efficient and effective nutrition service.


Accounts Team Member

As a relatively new addition to the team at Healthcare 2 You, my appreciation of the extent to which our company will go to keep our clients and your loved ones satisfied, continues to grow. My role with the accounts receivable team allows me to leverage my previous experience when dealing with our customers and their families or NOK to best support them. No request is too small to receive our undivided attention.


Bookings Team Member

My involvement in the Optical industry has spanned for over 16 years. I am passionate about the difference that we are able to effect and knowing that, together with facility staff, we enable residents to maximise their visual performance and enjoy the resulting benefits. Most rewarding is the customer feedback received on a daily basis from family members, staff and even residents themselves who thank us for the significant difference we have played in enhancing quality of life.