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Who We Are

Experienced. Caring. Dedicated.

Established in 2000, Healthcare 2 You is Australia’s largest provider of in-house health services for aged care residents. Offering eye care, physiotherapy, podiatry and nutritional support, we have become the go-to service provider for hundreds of facilities within Australia.

By providing skilled and compassionate care, our healthcare professionals improve comfort and quality of life for residents in over 850 aged care facilities across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Get to know our team and find out how we can enhance mobility, vision, comfort and overall well being.

Who We Help

Healthcare 2 You works closely with aged care residents, their families and
the care staff who are responsible for them on a daily basis.

Loved Ones

Loved Ones

It is important to know your elderly family member is in the very best of hands.

Contact Healthcare 2 You for the support of a dedicated, caring team who are committed to improving quality of life for your loved one.

Aged Care Residents

Aged Care Residents

As specialists in the care and treatment of seniors, we make compassion and comfort a priority.

Our team provides tailored care, going above and beyond to deliver exceptional service and improve well being.

Aged Care Managers

Aged Care Managers

Provide your residents with the best quality care from Healthcare 2 You.

As the nation’s leading mobile healthcare provider, we aim to deliver a quality service that minimises the workload at your end.

Why Work With Us?

Professional and compassionate care with one of
Australia’s leading aged care health service providers

Quality Healthcare

Organise visits from health care practitioners who specialise in aged care.

Convenient In-house Care

Residents at aged care facilities do not have to leave the security of their home environment to travel to appointments.

Improved Comfort

We reduce the daily aches and pains involved with getting older.

Peace of Mind

Your loved one is being taken care of by some of Australia’s most relied on professionals.

Happiness and Company

Healthcare 2 You practitioners provide social interaction and a highlight to the day as well as healthcare.

Trusted And Reliable

Healthcare 2 You works with over 850 aged care facilities around Australia.

Improved Wellbeing

As a result of our visit, your family member should have better quality of life.

Thorough Communication

We’ll contact you direct to discuss the needs of your family member.

Support For You

It is also our goal to make your life easier and more convenient by supporting the care of your loved one.

Our Culture

Integrity and

Acting with integrity, honesty and moral appropriateness with residents, their families, carers and facility management.

Caring, Compassionate, Empathetic and Respectful

Behaving in a caring and compassionate manner, showing appropriate empathy and respect to all residents.

Professional and Accountable

Conducting ourselves in a highly professional manner, we remain accountable at all times to residents, their families, carers and facility management.

Innovative, Reliable and Value-Driven

With leading edge technology, consistent reliability and a commitment to providing great value.

Hear From Our Clients

Working with over 850 facilities across eastern Australia, Healthcare 2 You provides professional, compassionate services. Hear from some of the loved ones, residents and managers who have experienced our exceptional care first hand.

Mum who is 93, went into aged care this year and trying to keep up with all her care needs with COVID was very hard, so when Healthcare 2 You visited it was perfect as she was having a lot of problems with her eyesight. They were very informative about her macular degeneration and hopefully with some new glasses and a reading lamp she will be able to do her crosswords and puzzles again. Thank you.

Marie Jarrett

My 94 year old Mum has recently moved into age care. This was where she was seen by the Healthcare 2 You staff.

Mum was very happy with the service she received when having her eyes assessed; she told me what “nice men” the guys were, praise she usually only uses for hunky paramedics who’ve had to transport her from home to hospital!

The communication from Healthcare 2 You was also excellent with a phone call that afternoon advising the results of the eye assessment, options for glasses and approximate cost. I always like companies who are good communicators; they want your business and know how to look after you.

I’d highly recommend Healthcare 2 You.

Ross Anderson

My mother was advised to buy a stronger magnifying glass with a light to help her with her reading.
This I am sure will be of great benefit to her.

Janette Eade