Eye Care for the Elderly

Aged Care Optometry

Our vision deteriorates as we age and conditions like macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts can impact quality of life. Fortunately, early detection and treatment can reduce the seriousness of these ailments.

Healthcare 2 You offers comprehensive on-site eye examinations with the objective of maximising vision as well as the detection and management of ocular health. Our team makes convenient on-site visits, meaning elderly patients do not have to travel to their Optometrist.

Using state-of-the-art equipment, we provide tailored services which are designed to meet the specific needs of aged care clients.

Bulk Billing

Healthcare 2 You’s eye care program incurs no cost to facilities or your residents for eye examinations, which are bulk-billed to Medicare or DVA.

Family Communication

Prior to any scheduled visits, Healthcare 2 You- Eyecare administration distributes coloured flyers for facility notice boards. Letters to family members/loved ones are available.

Continuity of Care

Your facility will work with the same Optometrist on an ongoing basis. If your regular Optometrist is unable to make an appointment, our comprehensive documentation, communication and handover systems ensure residents receive consistent care.

Complete Convenience

Having a Healthcare 2 You team on-site allows residents to remain in the security of their home environment and saves families the time and expense of transporting their loved ones to appointments.

Aftercare Services

Healthcare 2 You has a fleet of cars on the road each day. If a resident’s spectacles need to be adjusted, repaired or replaced, we are just a phone call away and can often provide our services free of charge.

Affordability Focused

Should a change of prescription be recommended, we have an extensive range of frames and lenses to choose from at prices below retail.

Quality Products

Having been in the business for close to 20 years, we know which eyeglasses and accessories provide the best value for money. Consequently, we don’t offer 2 for 1 sales strategies, where one frame may struggle to ‘last’ the year. Rather, we stand by our products as endorsed by our warranties.

Family Authorisation

Before proceeding with any spectacle order, we have a strict company policy in place to establish contact with residents’ families or those with Power of Attorney, to involve them in the elderly eye care plan and seek their approval.

Education Sessions

Healthcare 2 You offers Staff education sessions to help aged care workers understand the impact of poor vision and learn how they can help residents have a better quality of life.

Notifications & Reminders

We provide continuity of care to residents by notifying facility staff when 12 monthly patient reviews are due and by maintaining and providing detailed patient records.

Meet Accreditation Requirements

Our comprehensive eye care program and the delivery of our on-site optical services helps in satisfying components of the accreditation requirements, as stipulated by the Government. Specifically, our teams assist facilities in complying with Standard 2.16 (Sensory Loss) as outlined in the Standards and Guidelines for Residential Aged Care Services. Healthcare 2 You works with Aged Care Facilities around the country to help elderly patients retain and improve their vision.

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Spectacles Product Range

Quality. Extensive. Durable.

See our product range aged care residents can order during a visit with Healthcare 2 You. We share the comprehensive range during our visits to help with ordering or replacing spectacle frames and other products.

Any offer is only a recommendation. Strict company guidelines mean that no order will proceed without authorisation from a loved one or POA and confirmation is provided upon all deliveries.

Rest assured that every step of the process is transparent, giving you peace of mind and your loved one the care they deserve.

Experience Compassionate Care

Improving the quality of life for aged care residents is our number one priority.
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