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Aged Care Nutrition

By optimising well balanced, healthy eating, Healthcare 2 You’s nutrition team is able to improve quality of life for aged care residents.

Working within a team environment, our aged care Dietitian staff share resources on the latest scientific research so your facility can optimise the wellbeing of your residents.

Your team of dietary specialists is made up of highly recognised professionals who are motivated to find new and more effective ways to increase health through good eating.

Full Range of Services:

Healthcare 2 You aged care Dietitians provide a range of Nutrition and Dietetic services and support to help with the management of specific nutritional requirements. Dietary advice is individualised and practical for each resident.

Our range of nutritional services for residents includes:

  • Nutritional assessment, intervention and on-going nutritional management of residents
  • Regular monitoring of weight and other relevant observational charts
  • Developing personalised nutritional goals and eating plans
  • Development and implementation of a nutrition screening tool to identify residents at risk of malnutrition
  • Nutrition support to assist with unintentional weight loss, weight gain, malnutrition, wound healing and pressure sore prevention
  • Review of diabetes management
  • Providing nutrition information, counselling and support for residents with special diets (eg Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, dysphagia, bowel management etc)
  • Online nutrition (see below)

Online Nutrition

Aged Care Nutrition Australia

Healthcare 2 You is leading the way with an Online Nutrition service. Providing dietetic support and expertise to residents, this service is as good as one would expect from a contracted nutrition service but with exceptional convenience, ease of access and heavily reduced costs.

It’s like having your own Dietitian at your facility 24/7

Whilst a face to face consultation is the traditional mode of practice, we understand it is not always achievable for those in remote locations or facilities with limited budgets.

No need to wait for monthly visits or scheduling for on-site appointments. Rather, by choosing Online Nutrition as a more useful option, you are able to access many benefits which include:

  • Immediate access to expert advice from an Accredited Practising Dietitian
  • Resident consultation reports returned to you within 24 hours of receiving referrals.
  • Managing the nutritional needs of your clients at convenient times suited to you
  • Significantly reduced costs to your facilities (approximately 50% less)

To get started with the referral process, simply click on REGISTER if you haven’t signed up previously or LOGIN if you already have an account with us.

To speak to one of our friendly team to learn more about Online Nutrition, call us on 1300 882 374 or email

Care Plan Manuals

At the end of each visit, a summary of recommendations and dates for review will be recorded in our user-friendly Care Plans.

Facility-based Nutrition Support

Our services can also be expanded to manage the overall nutritional requirements of your facility in the following areas:

  • Menu assessments and support in the development of nutritionally balanced and enjoyable menus in accordance with the ‘Guidelines for Nutritional Care & Food Services in Nursing Homes’ developed by the NHMRC
  • Nutrition education and training sessions for staff
  • Development of guidelines, information sheets and nutritional resources for staff and carers
  • Development and documentation of nutrition  policies, protocols and outcome measures for nutrition and food services
  • Attendance at catering meetings
  • Review of texture modified diets and thickened fluids
  • Coordinating the provision of cost effective nutritional supplements
  • Accreditation support

Competitive Rates

Dietitian services are charged at a flat hourly rate for both individual resident consultations and facility food service assessments.

Continuity of Care

Your facility will host visits from the same Dietitian on an ongoing basis. If your regular Dietitian is unable to attend, our comprehensive documentation, communication and handover systems ensure residents receive consistent care.

DVA Registered

Entitled residents are fully covered by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Meet Accreditation Requirements

Our team of Dietitians will assist your facility in satisfying accreditation requirements related to the nutritional care of residents. In particular, we offer services to assist with compliance to Standard 2.10 – Nutrition & Hydration as well as Standard 4.8 – Catering Services.

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Experience Compassionate Care

Improving the quality of life for aged care residents is our number one priority.
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