What happens to your Eyesight as you age?

As the lens in your eyes becomes less flexible, your close vision or focusing ability for near vision gets worse. This condition is known as presbyopia. This flexibility allows the eye to change focus from objects that are far away to objects that are close.

It’s completely normal and happens as the lens inside the eyes begins to harden. At first, you may be able to compensate by holding your reading material in a different position or using better lighting. Eventually, it’s likely you will need a pair of reading glasses when you realise that your arms are not quite long enough.

It’s okay to seek help as you get older, particularly for the elderly. Often, seniors need corrected vision not just for reading (if they engage in this pastime) but for other important activities of daily living.

The accurate term for what is referenced as ’reading glasses’ are in fact ‘near vision’ glasses. They are used for a whole lot more than only reading, including craftwork, looking at family photos, completing puzzles or anything requiring the need to view at arm’s length. Of course, there’s one more activity completed up close that requires more than a little visual intervention – eating! Would or could you eat a meal that you’re unable to see? Good vision is needed for many simple tasks and can significantly enhance the quality of lives, particularly for the elderly.

One major benefit from purchasing spectacles from Healthcare 2 You, is that repairs and adjustments are free of charge for the life of the goods. In this case, a team member visits on-site and can often fix the problem on the spot, in the comfort and security of residents’ own homes. Using the on-site convenient service means families are saved time and often added financial costs of transporting their loved ones to the Optometrist.

Healthcare 2 You provides not only support for the elderly but valuable convenience for families too. Win, win for everyone!