Spectacle Care Instructions

Recently one of our Healthcare 2 You eye care teams may have visited your relative/loved one and conducted a comprehensive eye examination as part of our ocular health service.

It is important to recognise that the older we get, the more prone we are to ocular diseases. A simple eye test can prevent a multitude of issues and complications in the long run. Having regular eye check-ups is important as without adequate vision, your loved one will find it harder to stay active and will be at a greater falls risk.

At Healthcare 2 You – Eyecare, we deliver comprehensive eye care on-site, the same integral service one would expect when visiting a conventional optometry practice. In conducting eye examinations, we use state of the art mobile optometry equipment to deliver a thorough eye care consultation that includes:

  • Screening for cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma…
  • Assessing visual performance
  • Assessing the appropriateness of the current visual aides
  • Liaising with GPs if required

How Can I be Informed of the Outcome of the Healthcare 2 You – Eyecare Visit for my Relative/Loved One?

Facility management are provided with the summary findings from our consultations at the end of every visit. Should you wish to discuss this information, please contact facility management or you can contact Healthcare 2 You – Eyecare directly and one of our friendly dispensers in our customer service department can assist you with the information you require.

What Happens if Spectacles Need Adjusting or Become Damaged?

Spectacles tend to ‘take a hiding’ in Aged Care Facilities and are often in need of a little TLC. At any time, should a resident’s spectacles need to be adjusted, repaired or replaced, we are only a phone call away with our Customer Care phone support. We have a fleet of vehicles on the road each day enabling us to maintain our commitment to a prompt and professional service with these visits most often expense-free. Facility staff usually contact us if needed as part of their care for the residents but should you wish to contact us for a customer service issue, we are most certainly available. We have a wide range of spectacle frames and lenses with a proven track record of superior quality. A 12-month manufacturer’s warranty is honoured for spectacles that fail due to a manufacturing default.

How Can I Help Care for the Spectacles?

The easiest and most effective way of keeping spectacles clean is with the use of a little soap and warm water. By placing the soap on your fingertips then gently rubbing the lenses under warm running water, you will be able to remove much of the dirt on the spectacles. The spectacles should then be dried with clean soft tissues or the cleaning cloth which is provided inside the Healthcare 2 You – branded spectacle case.